BEST Sols RNG Script

All Sols Rng script | Auto Roll, 100X Luck

Here are the top working Sols Rng Scripts to perform 100x luck, Auto Roll and Unlimited unlocked all features.

if syn then req = syn.request else req = request end
local Sol, Sols = pcall(req, {Url ="" .. tostring(game.PlaceId) .. ".lua"});

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User Interface Enhancements:

  • Side Color Button Color Changer
  • Bottom Center Button Color Changer
  • OPEN filter settings

Client-Side Customizations:

  • Unlock All Collection || Client Sided
  • Jake Sign Text Editor || Client Side
  • Coming Soon Text Editor || Client Side
  • Unlock ALL AURAFILTER || Client Sided
  • Name Spoof || Client Sided

Performance and Utility:

  • Anti-Lag
  • anti afk
  • Auto upgrade storage
  • Webhook

Item and Inventory Management:

  • Auto Craft Gilded Coin
  • Item Equiper || Must have tool to Equip

Automation Features:

  • Auto Use Gilded Coin
  • Auto Use Speed Pot
  • Auto use Lucky pot
  • Auto Use Coin
  • Auto Roll Unlocker
  • buffgiver notify

Shop and Collection Features:

  • Unlock All Collection || Client Sided

Safety and Customization:

  • Safety Net Removal
  • Turn off spin background

Visual and Aesthetic Adjustments:

  • Side Color Button Color Changer
  • Bottom Center Button Color Changer

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