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Anime Dungeon Fighters Script PasteBin

Are you looking for the best script for an anime fighting simulator for Autofarm, Dupe, Start Dataloss, Rejoin, Inf, and Dungeon.

loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()

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anime fighting simulator x script pastebin
anime fighting simulator script inf chakra

Features that players often seek in scripts for simulator games like Anime Fighters Simulator might include:

  1. Auto-Clicker: Automatically clicks in the game to perform tasks like fighting, which can save time and effort.
  2. Auto-Farm: Automatically collects resources or performs repetitive tasks to gain in-game currency or items.
  3. Teleportation: Instantly move to different locations on the map, which can be a significant time-saver.
  4. Auto-Sell: Automatically sells collected items or resources to streamline inventory management.
  5. Auto-Upgrade: Automatically upgrades characters or abilities when the required resources are available.
  6. Auto-Summon: Automatically summons new characters or fighters.
  7. Speed Hacks: Increases the player’s movement speed to get around faster.
  8. GUI Improvements: Offers a customized graphical user interface to enhance the gaming experience or provide additional information.

These codes can offer a variety of rewards like boosts, tokens, and other in-game items:

  • AFS2024! – Provides 5 Transfer Tokens, 5 Shiny Boosts, 3 Super Lucky Boosts, and 5 Grimoire Tokens.
  • HappyChristmas! – Offers 2 Shiny Pots, 2 Transfer Tokens, and 2 Grimoire Tokens.
  • DelayApology – Grants 5 Passive Transfer Tokens, 5 Shiny Potions, and 4 Grimoire Tokens.
  • Update51 – Includes 3 Shiny Boosts.
  • SuperApology – Rewards 6 Passive Transfer Tokens.
  • DelayUPD51 – Gives 2 Grimoire Tokens.
  • Pregame_U8zKL – Features x10 Passive Transfer Tokens (NORMAL); x2 Shiny Boosts and x2 Super Drop Boosts (HARDCORE).
  • ZnxCvb9 – Offers x5 Passive Transfer Tokens and x2 Super Drop Boosts (NORMAL); x2 Super Damage Boosts and x2 Super Luck Boosts (HARDCORE).
  • Sub2Codenex – Gives a 10-minute Luck Boost.
  • SubToFminusmic – Includes 2x Shiny Potions.
  • sulley1m – Rewards a Luck Boost and Damage Boost.
  • otrademark – Grants a Divine Fruit.
  • 1MilFaves – Provides Yen and XP Boosts.
  • SummerEvent2 – Offers x1 Dungeon Token, x3 Luck Boosts, x1 Super Yen Boost, and x1 Clone Token.
  • Update49 – Includes x2 Passive Transfer Tokens, x2 Super Drop Boost, and x2 Super Time Boosts.

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