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(Top 5) Blox Fruit Chest Farm Script

Elevate your Blox Fruits game with our latest chest farming script. This updated Blox Fruit Chest Farm Script is entirely optimized for providing enhanced gameplay in 2024. The improvements in 2023 scripts ensure that we’ve upgraded this script as undetectable, with no kick, and free of ban concerns. So, Roblox gamers are capable of enjoying uninterrupted gameplay with a single click to automate their farming experience and teleport.


Thus, acquire this worthy Blox fruit Chest Script Pastebin on your Mobile or PC devices to add adventure of chest farming, auto farm, and so on. In 2024, Chest Farm Blox Fruit will maximize your thrill by providing a rich farming script Pastebin.


Without wasting your time in finding smoothly working scripts, it’s essential to avoid manual tasks and enhance your experience with chest scripting farm. Therefore, execute your script with well-known exploits such as Fluxus and Delta and add fun to your game with automated hidden elements in your Roblox adventure.

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getgenv().Setting = {

    ["WhiteScreen"] = false,

    ["TimeReset"] = 4.5,

    ["ModFarm"] = {

        ["StopItemLegendary"] = true,

        ["SummonKillDarkbeard"] = true


getgenv().Config = {

    ["StartFarmChest"] = true,

["Team"] = "Marines",

    ["TimeReset"] = 5, -- No Edit

["White Screen"] = false,

["Stop The God's Chalice"] = true,

["Stop The Fist of Darkness"] = true,

    ["HopServer"] = {

        ["Enable"] = true,

        ["BypassServer"] = true,

        ["Region"] = "Singapore"


["Server Discord"] = ""


repeat wait() until game:IsLoaded()
getgenv().ChestFarm = true;

-- Chest Farm --


while task.wait(.7) do

if getgenv().ChestFarm then


      for i,v in pairs(game:GetService("Workspace"):GetChildren()) do

         if v.Name:find("Chest") and v.ClassName == "Part" then

         local Distance2 = (v.CFrame.Position - game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart.Position).Magnitude

         if Distance2 < 999 then

             Speed2 = 100000

            elseif Distance2 < 1000 then

             Speed2 = 600

             elseif Distance2 >= 1000 then

                 Speed2 = 300


         local tween_s = game:service"TweenService"

         local info =, Enum.EasingStyle.Linear)

             local tween = tween_s:Create(game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer.Character["HumanoidRootPart"], info, {CFrame = v.CFrame *,0,1)})












get here Blox Fruit Chest Farm Script

However, execute your required chest farm script from your Roblox gameplay. Copy its code and inject it into your Roblox effectively working executor. Now run your executor to smoothly integrate your scripting code into your Roblox gameplay and enjoy instant teleportation.

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  • Instant teleportation to chests
  • Entire Auto Chest farm functionality
  • High-speed
  • Millions of Beli overnight
  • Undetectable
  • No key
  • Regularly updated with reliable performance
  • Work effectively with numerous Roblox executors
  • The straightforward interface is efficient for in-game customization

Ultimately, Chest Farm Blox Fruit Script is the ultimate source of obtaining powerful functionalities in your Roblox Box Fruit game. Execute your gameplay with this script for getting unbanable, unbeatable aspects, and top-notch functions of your game.

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