Blox Fruit Level Guide

Blox Fruit Level Guide (New Tips to get lvl fast)

In Blox Fruits, players can explore various islands by leveling up their RPG game. Here is a guide to assist them in getting the finest fruits and undertaking quests within the Roblox Blox Fruits game. However, if you’re willing to enhance your level in Blox Fruits effectively. We’ve compiled the vital facts that may help you acquire your desired Roblox game levels.  

About Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits stands out as one of the most widely accepted games on the Roblox platform. When you play this game, you can understand that it depends on the fundamental quest-to-quest framework. Your game introduces a fascinating twist with the inclusion of fruits and swords. These fruits offer you the opportunity to impart distinct powers on your character. Besides your fruit-related attacks and abilities, your attributes mastership is essential for swift advancement in your game. 

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However, Blox Fruits, a classic RPG adventure in Roblox, takes inspiration from the One Piece anime. Hence, when the anime featured devil fruits granting superhuman abilities, the Roblox game introduced blox fruits that do the same.

Roblox gamers can explore islands for treasures and find rare blox fruits. Then they eat the fruits, which grants them specific combat abilities. Remember, your combat isn’t limited to blox fruits. Though with these abilities, you can take down your enemies by:

  • Fighting styles
  • Guns
  • Swords and other weapons

How can you swiftly Level up in Blox Fruits Game?

  • Your key to game advancement comes with fruits, Quests, weapons you choose, and the completion of your quest.
  • Hence, before initiating your quest, ensure you’ve utilized the two times Experience (Exp) codes. Afterward, you can find all active codes in our Blox Fruits Codes article.
  • While selecting between Pirates and Marines, you must go for Pirates as they are superior due to the game’s focus on Pirates rather than PvP. Contrarily, Marines focus on PvP; that’s not a big deal. 
  • You’re proficient in acquiring the fruits using the in-game Robux or currency. Here is an important thing to note getting fruits with cash may lock you into chosen fruit. Meanwhile, going for Robux allows you to switch between them as you like.
  • Once you reach the novel Island, you must set the spawn point and come in contact with Misc. NPC to establish your spawn point as well. Suppose you’re unable to do this; you’ve to respawn it from the Island’s beginning on death. This may waste your significant time.
  • You can approach each NPC, apply a single hit, and all comes around you. This approach is convenient while fighting with these NPCs, and you can quickly gather them and destroy them with your Hero move.
  • Players just focus on their stat points on Sword or Melee. Then prioritize to promote their attacks and power rather than defense. It’s a fact that a player’s defense is not much attractive reward.
  • When you collect 25000 Beli, you may move to the snow island. Here, you can acquire abilities that will accelerate your quest progression.

Blox Fruit Leveling Tips Guide

Leveling Tip 1: Players go for Blox Fruit Codes

Like various stages, Blox Fruits follows suit by offering players Blox Fruit codes that grant valuable items during gameplay. Though these codes may provide the solid foundation to initiate the pirate journey. This codes list is launched here for our gamers:

  • Fudd10 – 1 Beli
  • KittGaming – double XP – 20 minutes
  • Axiore – double XP – 20 minutes
  • StrawHatMaine – dual XP – 15 minutes
  • TheGreatAci – double XP – 20 minutes
  • SUB2GAMERROBOT_RESET1 – free reset stats
  • fudd10_v2 – 2 Beli 
  • Starcodeheo – double XP – 20 minutes
  • Bluxxy – double XP – 20 minutes
  • Magicbus – double XP – 20 minutes
  • JCWK – double XP – 20 minutes
  • Sub2UncleKizaru – free reset stats
  • Sub2Fer999 – dual XP – 20 minutes
  • Enyu_is_Pro – double XP – 20 minutes
  • SUB2GAMEROBOT_EXP1 – dual XP – 30 minutes
  • TantaiGaming – double XP – 15 minutes
  • Sub2Daigrock – double XP – 15 minutes
  • Sub2OfficialNoobie – dual XP – 20 minutes

Therefore, these codes come with boosting your game experience multiple times. It represents that you may level up effectively to your character.

Blox Fruit Leveling Tips Guide

Leveling Tip 2: Complete Quest

Gamers must accomplish plenty of quests vital to attaining your game story at an advanced level and the role of pirate king. Meanwhile, it’s essential to note that you don’t get the following higher quests than your current level.

It’s because you are unable to undertake multiple quests simultaneously. Though you must complete the one level and initiate your next one; otherwise, the initial quest may cancel or vanish.

Leveling Tip 3: Select your suited Island.

You need the Blox fruits to travel across islands, as these revolve around the world of pirates. Your progress in the game may lead you to explore numerous islands on the map.

Thus, each Island acquires specific locations with level conditions. Like, you’re going across the Colosseum (ranging from approximately 226-300 levels) to get this range to fulfill the target mission.

Here are locations with levels enlisted:

The First Sea

Fountain City625 to700 Level
Magma Village300 Level
Colosseum225 to 300 Level
Prison190 to 275 Level
Skylands150 to 200 Level
Marine Fortress120 to 150 Level
Middle Island100 Level
Frozen Village90 to 120 Level
Desert60 to 90 Level
Pirate Village30 to 60 Level
Jungle15 to 30 Levels
Starter Marine Islands0 to10 Level
Starter Pirate Islands0 to10 Level

The Second Sea

Forgotten Island1425-1475 Levels
Ice Castle1350-1400 Levels
Hot & Cold1100-1200 Levels
Cursed Ship1000-1325 Levels
Snow Mountain1000-1050 Level
Dark Arena1000 Levels
Mansion1000 Levels
Graveyard950-975 Levels
Green Zone875-925 Levels
Rose Kingdom700-850 Levels
Usoap’s Island700 Levels
The CaféSafe zone

The Third Sea

Sea of Treats2075-2275 Level
Haunted Castle1975-2075 Level
Floating Turtle1775-2000 Level
Great Tree1700-1750 Level 
Hydra Island1575-1675 Level
Port Town1500-1575 Level
Castle on the SeaSafe zone

Leveling Tip 4: Stat Points Usage Wisely

Stat points play a crucial role in your character’s leveling journey. These points impact your ability to defeat your enemies swiftly.

If you’re playing this game first time, remember that your points are limited. However, you must prioritize investing in Defense, Power, and Melee. If you lack a Logia fruit, it’s the advanced player’s suggestion to spend some points on the Blox fruit stat.

Here you may acquire the Gun stat, but this equipment isn’t reliable in this quest now. These are more for PvP and stunning enemies. They can be used for gathering your enemies and destroying them. Still, you do not need to waste your precious points on guns.

Leveling Tip 5: Money Save

When you’re going to initiate your gaming, you have a substantial sum of money. It may spend on your funds over time.

It’s vital to conserve your coins until you can afford valuable options like Ice, Magma, Dark, Light, and so on. 

Final Verdict

You are proficient in excelling and crafting your Hero on account of our provided ways and tips to level up your Roblox game by Blox Fruits. Hence, now you may know how you can obtain your desired islands and level up your game with the assistance of the Blox Fruits level guide.

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