Here is full guide on Fruit Notifier Blox Fruits Script

Fruit Notifier Blox Fruits Script

Are you looking for the Fruit Notifier Blox Fruit Script for your Roblox game? You’re officially at the right place. Currently accessible and active Notifier script for your New World Roblox Blox Fruits.


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It’s a unique feature in Blox Fruits that’s available as a Game Pass. It cost 2,700 Robux and was introduced in Update 4 (the cost was 1,999 during the Easter sale).

With the Notifier gaming pass, you may receive notifications when any of the fruits spawn. You can also analyze the distance in meters of that fruit if you have your Game Pass.

Hence, it’s important to note that this fruit notifier only functions if you’re already in the server at the time when your fruit spawns.

In case when you join a server after that time when your fruit has already appeared, you will never receive any notification.

You also know these fruits will appear for 45 minutes on weekends or every hour. Meanwhile, these will disappear after 20 minutes if not picked up; it happens even in private servers as well.

This is Fruit Notifier Blox Fruits by Roblox

Therefore, once this fruit is activated, the Fruit Notifier can’t be disabled unless you pick up your fruit or it goes to despawn.

So whether you collect your fruit or it disappears, our provided notifier will always inform you with an exclusive notification of “Fruit despawned.”

Fortunately, the Fruit Notifier activation is automatic. You just have to purchase its pass once during your gameplay, and it remains permanently active throughout your game.

  • Fruit notifier works consistently when you’re in the gaming server simultaneously, and fruit is spawning.
  • When that fruit spawns, our offered notifier calculates the entire distance. When you utilize this notifier, a counter will appear at the bottom of your screen. It indicates the distance in meters from the fruit.
  • It’s a dynamic source for you, so let’s adjust the counter. As you approach the fruit, it may decrease and create a Cold and Hot game-like experience.
  • It can be challenging for you to locate the physical appearance of fruits without this feature. Meanwhile, with Blox Fruit Gacha’s availability, this Notification Gaming Pass might not be as beneficial.
  • Its primary utility lies in various activities like raids, giveaways, or frequent trading
  • In the long run, this notifier is permanent-natured, and that approach makes it more valuable. You must consider purchasing only if you plan on playing for an extended period
  • This Notifier game pass isn’t recommended due to better alternatives for acquiring various other fruits.

In the Easter 2023 event, fruits appeared as Easter eggs every 25 minutes instead of the usual one hour. So, there was a discounted price for getting a fruit notifier throughout this event. Its in-game cost was approximately 25 US dollars or 1,999 Robux.

This is how Fruit Notifier Works?
  • Auto bounty
  • Giving free fruit information
  • Auto-redeem whole codes
  • Free fruits
  • Aim assist
  • Leviathan farm
List of Fruit Notifier Scripts
  • Fluxus (Android)
  • Script Ware (IOS)
  • Hydrogen (Android)
  • Electron
  • KRNL
  • Comet
  • Fluxus
  • Oxygen
  • Synapse X (paid)
  • Trigon 

Once installed, launch the Roblox game and then open Blox Fruits. Now activate your downloaded executor. Copy your provided Fruit Notifier script and then paste it to exploit. Afterwards, click on the Inject/Execute button; it may trigger the appearance of the script GUI

Roblox Blox Fruits is a widely enjoyed role-playing game that’s developed on the theme One Piece World. It’s a popular manga and anime series. It allows players to explore the vast One Piece universe.  

However, Fruit Notifier functions reliably when you’re in the gaming server during a fruit spawn. It calculates the distance and displays a dynamic counter at the bottom of your screen, adjusting as you get closer to the fruit. This notifier pass is beneficial for trading, raids, and giveaways. Additionally, its permanent nature adds long-term value, so you must consider it for your more extended gameplay.

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