Full Moon Blox Fruits

Full Moon Blox Fruits

The full Moon randomly occurs every 3-4 in-game days in 60-80 minutes. It’s essential for Race Awakening’s first and last steps. A dull moon initiates the Soul Guitar Puzzle in Blox Fruits, a popular RPG on Roblox. 

This advanced game comprises an assortment of weapons and artefacts accessible to players through specific actions during the full Moon. Hence we’ve disclosed the guide when full moons are inaugurated in Blox Fruits, and various players are unaware of this period.

Full Moon Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits offers an exhilarating RPG experience. It engages the Roblox players in diverse activities, such as enabling them to move through a vast sea appointed with NPCs and islands. Some of its targets need to perform well at the onset of the full Moon, a unique period enabling specific actions. 

However, full-moon is the significant and extensive mechanic for Blox Fruits. These mechanics depend on the most uncomplicated user experience and thrill for players. Meanwhile, these Moon Cycles may puzzle the newcomers; in fact, it’s relatively easy to understand and update the gameplay. 

Though this game cycles appear between day and night and enhance your gameplay with stunning nighttime scenes. In Blox Fruits, the Moon transitions may occur via two phases per day-night cycle. For instance, the Soul Guitar puzzle and Race Awakening inauguration must wait for the Full Moon. 

Full Moon Blox Fruits

When does the Full Moon appear in Blox Fruits?

You may know that the full Moon holds crucial importance within Blox Fruits and is essential to unlocking certain activities. However, it may appear 3-4 in-game nights along with some additional appearing chances. 

In some cases, players must wait for at least 80 minutes to acquire the full Moon once it appears. It usually depends on different phases:

  • Waxing Gibbous
  • New Moon
  • First Quarter
  • Waning Gibbous
  • Waxing Crescent
  • Third Quarter
  • Waning Crescent
  • Full Moon

During this phase, you may chore, but something exciting is going to happen. A notification appears on your game’s chat while it occurs.

  • Full Moon Set _ Full Moon is ended.
  • Full Moon Rising _ Full moonlight appears in the clouds.

Find out the Full Moon Blox Fruit

Suppose you’re looking to get the Fruits Full Moon for your Race Awakening. Let’s consider the short proactively locating ways rather than waiting for the full Moon. Here you are proficient in switching your servers to a different region. You may find the third-quarter moon phase, then the one-day wait for the Full Moon. 

However, time can’t move quickly, and you can try to transfer to another region. Regarding this, you may move from the US to German servers. Both regions have great differences in their moon appearance. This time variation is convenient to approach your target while playing the game.

We recommend you must explore the full Moon throughout the world. It’s due to the fact that Full Moon’s significance for various activities necessitates discovering it in your surroundings.

Resolve the Full Moon Peaks Light by the Clouds Puzzle

When you’re interested in tackling this tricky puzzle, you’ll need to be on the third sea. You must comprise a character level of more than 2,300. Wait a while till the full moon notification appears, and make your way to the Haunted Castle. Here, you can identify the gravestone coming in a question mark on the church’s left side. Now, you may offer a prayer at this gravestone and accept the invitation to participate in a game. Follow these levels to unfold your game:

  • You need to eliminate all zombies located on the castle’s opposite side.
  • Here, move back and go for the signposts. It usually associates with the housing side that accomplishes the graves. If some sides have more graves, then mark them. If all side numbers are similar, then stop selecting any option.
  • You may make interaction with the ghost and start your conversation with the ghost within the castle. Then proceed to the basement. Now alter your yellow stick position on the wall. Set it according to the pattern shown by the yellow trophies of the castle behind the garden.
  • Make the perfect contrast of the tile’s color with those corresponding to the pipes that comprise the matching colors.

However, on the successful completion of these steps, an NPC will become visible within the room. You’ll have the excellent opportunity to design the Soul Guitar. This approach needs to arrange these items; 1 Dark Fragment, 250 Ectoplasm, and 500 Bones. Afterwards, you can unlock the coveted Soul Guitar, enriching your Blox Fruits experience.

Key Details about Full Moon Blox Fruit

  • The Full Moon is momentary and exists as a moment in time due to the Moon’s continuous movement around Earth. However, the exact period of the Full Moon occurs during daylight hours in certain regions. Moon’s appearance can create the impression of fullness for a day before or after this moment. When Moon goes over 98%, its surface is illuminated. 
  • The Moon’s transitions between phases correspond with time changes and cover the sunrise. Post a full moon, and it shifts into a waxing gibbous phase during the day. As the Moon rises once more, it transforms into a first-quarter moon, proceeding similarly. This aspect usually holds the key factor in identifying the full Moon.
  • Moon’s cycle comprises eight sequential phases to evolve every month. These phases appear once the previous one is completed. Though, The Moon completes an orbit around Earth in approximately 27.3 days. Due to the interaction of sunlight, the interval between consecutive new moons extends to about 29.5 days.
  • For instant, the Moon cycle spans roughly 354 days; a sequence of 12 lunar phases (used in some calenders) is known as a lunar year. Contrarily, a cosmic year, which shows the solar system’s rotation around the Milky Way center, takes approximately 225 million years.
  • Though the full Moon is visible 15 days after the new Moon. It shows the middle point of the Full Moon Cycle.
  • One Blox Fruit Day: It is equal to two and a half minutes in period. While playing the game, the Nigh-Day cycle meets every 10 to 12 minutes in-game.


Whenever the Next Full Moon appears?

It may come on Friday, May 5 (1734 GMT) at 1:34 p.m. EDT. However, for the casual stargazer, the Moon will exhibit its full appearance both the evening prior to and subsequent to its peak.  

Is the whole moon essential for going through Mirage Island?

Mirage Island also presents an element known as Blue Gear. This gear is an awakening material that exclusively emerges during a complete moon phase. Suppose you’re actively following this material; you have the option to switch servers. It aims to access Mirage Island when a full moon is present.

Final Thoughts

Roblox players need to note that Full Moon in Blox Fruits isn’t just a visual scene. Although, it’s a game-changer event that adds excitement and puzzle tasks to your game experience. It appears with unique quests and enhanced mechanics that significantly impact your journey within the game. You become capable of obtaining your desired targets by collecting your hero, settling your plans, visit around different islands and getting ready to move through the Full Moon Blox Fruits.

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