How to get Mirage Stock Blox Fruits

How to get Mirage Stock Blox Fruits?

The Mirage Island in ‘Blox Fruits’ is certainly valuable and real. It offers worthy treasures such as Blue Gear and other key items. However, it’s exceptionally rare and unique to discover during Roblox gameplay. It’s quite different from the typical Mirage, which is merely an illusion of deserts. 

This advanced Blox Island has been introduced in Update 17th Part 2. It brings distinctive mechanics to the Roblox world and is renovated home to the Advanced Fruit Dealer. Nighttime conditions and danger levels usually influence its appearance. We’re here to provide essential methods and tips for locating and accessing Mirage Island. 

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Mirage Island brings the essential features for Roblox players. You can obtain the Advanced Fruit, which provides the selection of 7 fruits with increased opportunity of rare varieties in stock. So, once you’ve installed this game and professionally played it with strong fruits, this Blox fruits stock is a big pick for you. You must hope that you’ll get the Mirage Blox quickly and begin your game trading.

Mirage island blox fruit

Furthermore, this Island comes with Blue Gear that’s necessary for Race Awakening. To obtain this gear, players must complete the Sealed King Quest. This process utilizes the Mirror Fractal. When you look at the moon atop (the island’s highest point) for 15 seconds, your Fractal resonates with the moon. By obtaining the Blue gear, you can advance in their quests efficiently. 

In update 17, part 2, Mirage Island appears as one of the four Major Blox Sea Events. All other three Sea Events, Rumbling Waters, Sea Beast, and Ship Raid, are more common than 4th advanced Sea Event Mirage Island. 

Suppose you don’t acquire the stumble on Blox Mirage Island right away. You need to wait until it spawns before vanishing again. You must move quickly towards your target achievement because it spawns only 15 minutes before it ends.

So, there are no exclusive rules to appear for this island stock in the gaming world. Players must stay active and learn the game tricks to accomplish their targeted quests quickly.

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Well, you’re going to achieve the advanced stock, you should know its basics. Firstly, this Mirage Island happens in the third Sea only. You should not waste your gaming time finding this island during the first and second sea stages. It won’t spawn there; wait and complete your game until your third sea event starts.

However, you need to grab the boat and set sail to initiate your search for this island. As you’re looking for powerful game items, you must prefer to grab the stronger and larger ship. This ship may assist and protect you from Sea Beasts that you must encounter on your way. However, the Sea Beasts have more powers to destroy the simple and small ones.

Acquire Blox Fruit Mirage Island by The Third Sea Sailing

Blox fruits Mirage Island is quite wide and covers a huge space of water. It represents this Island appearing in wide open water regions of the Sea. You need to stay associated with these regions during sailing. 

A notable point is that you may avoid your sailing closeness with other Islands. It’s because they are not as wide as the Third Sea and don’t provide more chambers for Mirage Island spawning.

Therefore, you must focus on the room between Sea of Treats and Floating Turtle, which is the perfect area for Mirage. Various players have acquired this Island between the Great Tree and Hydra Island. For a successful gaming experience, you may find these spaces and stay associated with them instead of wasting your longer gaming time.

Acquire Blox Fruit Mirage Island by Connecting with Wide Open Water Areas

When you look for Mirage Island, you must resist constantly rotating the camera. As the Mirage spawns only in the direction your boat faces. So, you must maintain a forward gaze, particularly on private servers.

On the other hand, with public servers, your occasional scans to the sides are beneficial, as another player may trigger its appearance. However, you must prioritize the forward view. It assists you in preventing encountering islands. You can also protect your ship from spotting Sea Beasts in your pathway.

Acquire Blox Fruit Mirage Island by Setting Face Direction Forward

On a public server, there’s a chance an Island may spawn for another player, and you may miss it out. Once you switch to a private server, this concern may disappear. This approach allows you to focus uninterruptedly on your search and ignore other players. 

However, this approach lets you sail calmly and scan the whole horizon. Then your desired Mirage Island happens, and you may grab it without distractions from other players.

In the open Sea, the sailing period is too long and seems boring for players. You may get tired due to the prolonged duration, and your hands may be unable to press the keys for this period. Regarding this, you must go for the “cruise control” technique to activate and enjoy the period of staying away from keyboard while sailing.

  • Set your target > Search the Open Sea Area
Acquire Blox Fruit Mirage Island by Trying the Management of Cruise Control
  • Now press the key “A” or “D” with “S”, and your ship sail automatically in a circle. Then you don’t have to go for pressing it again and again.
Acquire Blox Fruit Mirage Island by Cruise Control steps
  • Once you press the key, a new window is opened.
steps for Cruise Control Management
  • You stay in touch with your screen until Island appears, and you may take it back.
What is Cruise Control management system?

Mirage Island can spawn even if your boat is motionless. It may remain apparent and appear when you are on your ship and encountering the open water on the Sea. It adds another fun fact to your gameplay. You have to stay active, face open waters and avoid irrelevant moves as well. 

Therefore, you may feel free to be in continuous movement while resting your hands. Still, watch the screen for any immediate appearances of the Mirage Island.

Acquire Blox Fruit Mirage Island by Stand Still

If you’re looking for Blue Gear, this technique is for you. Remember that this gear especially spawns at night. Various players find the Mirage island in the daytime but won’t acquire the Blue Gear from the whole Island. So, you must focus on your game circle to find the island at night to achieve the Blue Gear successfully. Ultimately, you become able to obtain this gear and Island after going through these tricks and steps.

Acquire Blox Fruit Mirage Island by Nighttime Search for the Blue Gear

Here is the quick view for you: sail aboard a ship in the open Sea to spawn Mirage Island in Blox Fruits. Now, you may navigate to the middle of the Sea and keep your camera in a horizontal position. Notable, you must ensure that there are no other islands in front of the boat. 

You should learn and apply all tricks, and remember, Mirage Island can appear either day or night. You can manifest the Island’s appearance by finely keeping your camera level. However, your Third Sea Event lets this Island appear at the forefront of you. 

The unique feature is its unavailability anywhere on your Roblox gameplay. You should approach the Advanced Blox Fruits merchant, who brings a variety of fruits that are not accessible from the standard dealers. It enhances the probability of getting legendary fruits such as Shadow or Light. 

Furthermore, there is a unique awakening material known as Blue Gear accessible on Mirage Island. This gear appears only at full moon and at night. Hence, those who want this advanced material must switch their server and obtain the Island on the night of the full moon. 

  • Flame

Robux: $550

Money: $250,000

Flame blox fruit
  • Chop 

Robux: $100

Money $30,000

chop blox fruit

What advanced materials are provided in Mirage Island?

It’s a room for the Advanced Fruit Dealer that comprises more exclusive stock than regular stocks. Players are able to acquire and regain the Legendary Fruits swiftly (in 2-hours). It also brings the Fragment Chests, which are the perfect home to obtain the best treasures and many other such chests. 

Why is Blue Gear required to obtain during gameplay?

This gear is essential because you can acquire it only during Mirage Island. It spawns at night and assists you in levelling up the race to “Race Awakening” (V4). You can also obtain the Mirror Fractal at the top point of the Island. At that high position, you may stare for 15 seconds at the moon, and a notification appears to ensure your finding for Blue Gear.

How many chances are there to appear on Mirage Island?

The rarest Mirage island comes with only a 1% chance of appearing. The others are a 39% chance of appearing as Sea Beast, a 45% chance of Ship Raid and a 15% chance of a Rumbling Waters event. 

Obtaining the Mirage Island during Roblox gameplay is quite challenging due to its rarity among other Sea Events. Players must follow the techniques and learn the advanced benefits and ways to enjoy this advanced gameplay feature. So, you must play with patience, especially at night, and act quickly because it disappears after only 15 minutes. You must acquire materials like Blue gear and upgrade your gameplay on this Island.

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