How to Get Pilot Helmet Blox Fruits

How to Get Pilot Helmet Blox Fruits?

Blox Fruit is lined with versatile and innovative equipment approaches that help the player seek a prominent position and ensure a universal potential perspective in gaming performance. The pilot helmet is one of the same authorized equipment that is quite challenging.

On the other hand, if the player is familiar with the proper guiding perspective of availing Pilot Helmet in Blox fruit, the whole of the challenge gets settled, and you can enjoy your gaming adventure with even more excitement.

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How to Get Pilot Helmet Blox Fruits?

To help the early riders of the blox fruits, here we are stating the comprehensive guide: how to get pilot helmet blox fruits? Because the reward of the equipment can help you deal with thrills in a smoother way.

Grab the basic idea of the approach in the next section.

Pilot Helmet

Initially stating the description & general facts about pilot helmet, the item tends to be more assertive regarding speed. The experts compare it even with the light rate of the light fruit.

Pilot Helmet

For the aspect of boosting efficiencies, the pilot helmet is known to enhance;

  • Health regeneration up to around 10%
  • Both Health and stamina points up to 250
  • Speed regulation to the maximum level of 130%

If the player uses this speed boost with the Rabbit race, it will surely be more authenticated and approachable than the light fruit scenario. This appropriate efficiency of the speed is regularized by the experts and the game actually pays off with the right reward assurance.

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How to Avail Pilot Helmet?

The significance and importance of the pilot helmet can not be negotiated in any terms. Thus, to obtain the Pilot Helmet in Blox Fruit, you will first need to reach the specified area, Third Sea. This is mainly because the Pilot Helmet is an exclusive item in this game area.

Once you have reached the Third Sea, you better have had to head over to Port Island, the starting island. From there, make your way to the back area of the island. This is where you will encounter the Stone boss in the middle of the yellow terrain. The boss is exclusively powerful and needs a lot of power and potential to deal with.

Defeating the Stone boss is your ticket to obtaining the coveted Pilot Helmet. However, it’s important to note that this boss is no pushover. It utilizes the older version of the Bomb fruit and has two distinctive moves. Be prepared for a challenging battle, as several of the boss’s attacks can significantly damage your character.

It’s worth mentioning that the Pilot Helmet isn’t a guaranteed drop. You may need to face the Stone boss multiple times before you’re fortunate enough to acquire it, as it has a 5% chance of dropping.

In addition, the player must know that the Stone boss respawns every 20 minutes. Still, you can expedite the process by switching to different game servers to increase your chances of encountering and defeating the boss more frequently.

So to elaborate on the whole approaching process, the player must;

  • Venture into the Third Sea.
  • Afterwards, confront the formidable Stone boss and make up the situation to deal with the enemy.
  • Keep grinding for the precise Pilot Helmet to add a unique and stylish accessory to your character’s ensemble in Blox Fruit.

Like other accessory elements, the players expect the category divide for the pilot helmet over time. However, it has not been known as no regulation has been circulated on the official website. In terms of unattractive features, obtaining aspects that cause no damage to buffs is challenging.

To overcome these lags, the pilot helmet is known to be an observant and prominent buff for the health regeneration stance. Practically stating its significance, it is certainly prevalent for being the highest-speed accessory. 

How to Avail Pilot Helmet?

Final Statement

As the highest-speed accessory, the Pilot Helmet would be especially valuable for various in-game activities, such as combat, exploration, quest completion, and player-versus-player interactions. Players aiming to excel in these areas would prioritize obtaining and using the Pilot Helmet to gain a competitive advantage.

We present some concise thoughts about pilot helmet in the section depicted above so that you can seek relevance for your personalized understanding.

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