Race Awakening V4 Blox Fruits

How to Get Race Awakening V4 Blox Fruits?

Upgrade your race awakening to Race V4 in Blox Fruits on the Roblox gaming world. 

The Blox game has accomplished over 12.0+ billion visits, and its latest update introduces the powerful Race V4 Awakenings. With this upgrade, let’s elevate your stats to the maximum cap and gain passive abilities.

We’ve awarded a simplified guide to users who want to obtain the Race V4 by following the convenient way. You’re proficient in discovering the path to massive strength in Blox Fruits as you master this multi-step unlocking process, teamwork, timing, and involving travel. 

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Race Awakening

Race Awakening appears when gamers want to enhance their characters’ abilities based on their desired race. However, this mechanics is upgraded in role-playing games (RPGs), including Roblox games. 

On January 6th, 2023, the “Race Awakening” introduction in the gaming world offered players an advanced way to level up their chosen races. So, this awakening facilitates the Roblox players in the Third Sea fights. It presents a unique opportunity for character growth. 

Therefore, when you participate in the Race Awakening process, it unlocks novel abilities for you. It’s essential for unlocking complicated puzzles, acquiring race-specific quests and demanding trials

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You’re able to acquire the next-level skills from this race awakening. These capabilities may include assistance in player-versus-environment (PvE) and player-versus-player (PvP) combat, heightened defensive system, and reduction of cooldown periods, among other advantages.

Race Awakening

Can you acquire the Race V4 in Blox Fruit?

Yes, players have to accomplish some prerequisites before unlocking the Race V4. Hence, this journey must defeat raid bosses, travel, chat with NPC gems, and assist other players. 

There are basic requirements to acquire the Race V4 while playing the Blox Fruits game:

Race V4 Requirements

  • Defeat rip_indra
  • Third Sea
  • Find out the gears on advanced Mirage Island
  • Any Race V3
  • 2 additional players (fulfilling all requirements, V3, and going through different races
  • Mirror Fractal (it’s achieved by eliminating the Dough King
  • Trial completion

Unlock Trials

  • Initiate your journey to the Castle on the Sea. Now search for the stone tablet because it’s where King Red Head is located behind the boss room. Once you create a good conversation with the tablet, you can get the lines ‘Here rests King Red Head—- Maybe one day; he may get rid of his mental prison’. (Remember, it would happen when you haven’t defeated Rip Indra boss yet)
  • Next, please move to the Great Tree and atop it. We recommend utilizing the flying fruit or the vines to reach the top position. You may find an unseen NPC labelled “MISC” waiting for you there. While you start talking with him, you’ll feel yourself converted to the Temple of Time.
  • Now visit the corridor and communicate with the second NPC. When you teleport back to your Great Tree, revisit the tablet (Sealed King). He may convey, ‘that zone may carry the key of greater power, but before that, you have to encounter the trial to seize it. Meanwhile, the powers related to time are most effective in the full moon’s illumination.
  • At this phase, you must acquire the Mirror Fractal to accomplish this task. Here look at Mirage Island during nighttime. You should visit to its highest spot, activate its racing ability, and gaze at the moon rightly for at least 10-15 seconds. Afterwards, the message appears forefront to you ‘Your Mirror Fractal has synchronized with the moon.’ It happened by the moon emitting a flashlight. Then you can move to locate the spawned ‘Gear’ that’s appearing somewhere at this time on the island. When you touch it, the gear shines brilliantly, emanating a soft blue hue. 
  • Ultimately, you should visit the Temple of Time. Instead of advancing towards the “MISC” NPC, you should turn left into the vacant hallway. You may face the right pathway and move to its top side. A lever near the entrance will catch your eye; approach and pull it. 

However, you don’t have to repeat this process if you become able to lever pulling for varying races. 

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Unlock Trials

Race Awakening Gear

Once you’ve illuminated the moon at the peak of Mirage Island, gear is spawned. If you still haven’t collected one still, you can see this gear.

You must know that a single gear appears on your created moon’s illumination atop this Mirage Island. Once you and other players illuminate the moon, all of you may acquire identical gear.

If you’re enabling the fast mode, it may cause the gear to lose its glow &shine.

Once your final trial is accomplished, you can put your final gear at Ancient Clock. It’s known as the 3rd gear from total 4 gears. These are the maximum gears that are accessible for players per race.

Trial Name

  • Human > Strength Trial
  • Cyborg > Machine Trial
  • Shark > Water Trial
  • Ghoul > Carnage Trial
  • Angel > King Trial
  • Rabbit > Speed Trial
Trial Name

How do the V4 Races go on in Blox Fruits?

TierV4 Race
SGhoul, Human
AAngel, Cyborg, Shark

While acquiring the awakening v4 race, you must go through the tier list here. It’s not associated with which race’s location you’re choosing.  

How do the V4 Races go on in Blox Fruits?

S-Tier Races in Blox Fruits

These V4 Races are usually accepted as the strongest. We’re exploring here what attributes underlie their advantages and strength.


Human V4 Race is supreme due to its uninterrupted nature for combo execution. Here a Rage Meter boosts your strength over time. It brings the three flash steps for your temporary invisibility and upgraded repositioning. Therefore, with various successful scenarios, the V4 Human Race guarantees an unmatched powerhouse performance for gamers.

S-Tier Races in Blox Fruits : Human


This Ghoul V4 excels due to its 40% cooldown reduction, which provides a strategic advantage in quick technique placement. Moreover, it offers Lifesteal, which allows you to recover better to your HP with each hit and enhance your survival in extended battles. Furthermore, the included crows serve as protective barriers, disrupt your foes’ attacks, and you are capable of securing counterattacks.

S-Tier Races in Blox Fruits : Ghoul

A-Tier Races in Blox Fruits

These A-Tier Races are solid. Still, encountering the S-Tier races demands you to adopt exceptional skills to compensate for the difference.


Key to the Cyborg V4 Race is its damaging orbs once the enemy comes close to you. These orbs destroy your opponents. Its enhanced mobility offers you rapid dashes and high jumps and confuses your foes’ target on you. During the battle, it excels against multiple enemies and exploits its quickness and chip damage potential.

A-Tier Races in Blox Fruits : Cyborg


Fishman V4 comes with flexibility and the Whirlpool ability that induces Hitstun. It allows you to make powerful combos. It carries the outstanding feature of Damage Reduction, accommodates errors and boosts up its tackiness. 

Hence its water body allows you to accomplish the entire damage blockage and tactical counterplay. You may stay disadvantaged by depending on its strength without its offensive capabilities.

A-Tier Races in Blox Fruits : Shark


Skypeian V4 offer the maximum utilization of accelerated health regeneration and strategic planning opportunities. It enables you to stun nearby foes, makes awkward to close-range combos, and offers aerial moving power for tactical advantage. You can combine the Skypeian V4 Race with an authoritative Devil Fruit for excellent outcomes.

A-Tier Races in Blox Fruits : Angel

B-Tier Races in Blox Fruits

You are recommended the Sole B-tier V4 Race for entertainment, or you love to play games. Otherwise, you may move to any other more robust option.


The Mink V4 Race offers two features; Super Speed for swift movement and extended dash distance. It generates small tornadoes during dash uses; (players rarely go for these dashes). You may pick up the proper and suitable Devil Fruit at the last of races because other options provide more significant advantages.

B-Tier Races in Blox Fruits : Mink

Final Verdict

Race Awakening v4 is crucial and significantly impacts your gameplay. Here you’ve learned how to unlock the trials and the basic requirements for obtaining it. You may become an unbeatable player while opening your desired pathway and gears in v4 races. You can inform us about further exploration and curiosities while trying different races.

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