How To Get Rengoku Blox Fruits in simple steps

How To Get Rengoku Blox Fruits (like 123)? (Getting Sword)

Do you need guide on How To Get Rengoku Blox Fruits? here are the simple steps to Follow.

Blox Fruits is a fantastic game due to its features, several items, and exciting gameplay. There are several items involved that can be accessed through hidden keys. In particular, they are found in different places, and these features make them more exciting for the users. Like other game items, Rengoku blog fruits are game items. Simply, it’s like a sword (Legendary sword) and offers several characteristics.

Most importantly, it’s not available anywhere but can be acquired by Hidden key track down at a secret place. If you know about this wonderful game item but need to know how to get it, stay with us. This guide will thoroughly explain Rengoku Blox fruits, how to get Rengoku blox fruits and everything you need to know about it. Let’s begin!

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Rengoku Description

Rengoku is a special sword in the game and is unlocked by the Hidden key. It’s also known as a legendary sword due to its characteristics and damage. It’s not easy to get it because it is located in a secret room at the Ice Castle in the second sea.

In simple words, it’s a Katana and has a red flame pattern. The flame is found alongside the blade and is like a handguard shape. By looking, the flame is of red core, orange border, and white handle. It changes its color during combat to a white arc with a gray pattern. Moreover, it’s very stylish to equip and wear on the left side of the player’s hip.

Upgradation of Rengoku

Do you have a habit of upgrading the sword according to the battlefield and enemies? Here is the good news: Rengoku can be upgraded easily. Take it to the Blacksmith, get the required material, and upgrade it according to your needs and requirements. Upgrading Rengoku to Grade 1 requires eight Vampire Fang, twenty magma Ore, and 15 Scrap Metal. The grade 1 upgrade offers a +8% increase in damage.

Location of Rengoku

As said earlier, they are found at different places and can be obtained with a Hidden key. The chances of using the key are 5% after defeating the Awakened Ice Admiral. The chance declines after triumph against the Arctic Warrior by about 0.5%. The same goes after defeating Snow Lurker NPCs.

The user enters a secret room concealed under the stairs after getting the items. The way goes through entering the right side of the built-in stairs. Touch the chest inside the room after entering, and you must have the key. Finally, you will receive Rengoku and the famous title “Samurai”.

How To Get Rengoku Blox Fruits – Step by Step?

Getting it is a bit difficult after the latest update. However, it’s super cool. In appearance, it looks like the sword of the character Kyojuro Rengoku (From the anime Demon Slayer). Nonetheless, getting this awesome and deadly sharp blade is not a piece of cake. Follower the instructions below and enjoy Rengoku Blox Fruits:

Step 1: First, keep in mind that it requires completing level 1350 to get the Rengoku sword.

Step 2: After reaching the mentioned level, the next task is to go to the Ice Castle location.

Step 3: Connect to the Awakened Ice Admiral boss and deaf him. It’s one of the most difficult tasks, but it is possible anyway.

Step 4: After defeating the Admiral boss, you will get a hidden key with a 5% chance.

Step 5: After that, search for the Secret door. You will find it in Castle’s main room (where you have defeated the Admiral boss). Precisely, it will be on the right side of the stairs in the room.

Step 6: Open the door, and you will find a chest. It requires a hidden key to open.

Step 7: Congratulations! You have gotten the legendary sword after opening it. Use it and achieve more success in the game.

Skills with Rengoku Sword

It’s essential to know what skill you can perform with a sword. There are two types of movesets that I have explained in the following:

Demon Slayer: This is the first skill and can be activated by clicking the Z button. You can get it after completing level 50. After attacks on the enemy, it leaves a trail of red and orange. After hitting a target, the inflict will begin and cause huge damage. It has a Mastery of 150 and Energy or 20.

Burning Slash: The second skill can be activated by pressing the X button and is only available after completing master level 350. The skill allows you to unlock a large streak of fire. Hit your enemy, which will create huge damage by imposing Burn on them. Moreover, it has a master level of 350 and energy of 30.


In conclusion, it’s a fantastic way to add new layers and excitement to the game levels. With the addition of a new legendary sword, you will learn new skills and knock down the enemy with increased damage. So get the sword, apply the skills mentioned, and enjoy the game at its peak.


What are the chances of getting rengoku blox fruits?

There are minimal chances to get a rengoku sword for many reasons, such as hidden key, location, and other factors. In particular, the minimum chance is 0.5-1%, and the maximum is 1-15%.

Is Rengoku the best sword of Blox fruits?

Yes, it’s considered one of the best swords of the Blox fruits. It’s a very useful weapon; its damage is the second highest among other weapons.

Is Rengoku better than saber?

In comparison, Rengoku is the strongest sword and better than the saber in the legendary tiers. Moreover, its damage is also second greatest to other swords.


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