script doraemon blox fruits

Script Doraemon Blox Fruits

Here is the working Doraemon hub blox fruits script, which you can copy paste on your executor software without key.


This is Blox Fruit KITSUNE UPDATE.

How to get Doraemon script?
  • A Lua script created for the Blox Fruits game on Roblox, potentially incorporating elements or themes inspired by the anime Doraemon. However, this is purely speculative.
  • It might be a search for a custom script or mod that adds Doraemon-like elements to Blox Fruits, but this is not a standard or officially recognized feature of the game.
  • Alternatively, it could be a misunderstood or incorrectly phrased query about something else entirely related to either Doraemon, Blox Fruits, or Roblox scripting.

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