Master of Auras Blox Fruits

Where to Find Master of Auras Blox Fruits?

Struggling to find Master of Auras Blox Fruits? where you can locate it? WE MADE THINGS EASY FOR YOU. Blox Fruits is a popular Roblox game with diverse gameplay and a fascinating NPC named the Master of Auras. This NPC offers Aura colors that give your character a distinct, attention-grabbing appearance. However, locating your desired Aura Master can prove to be challenging, causing numerous players to struggle to acquire them in the game. 

Master of Auras

‘Mastery of Auras’ relates to your proficiency with ‘Blox Fruits.’ As you may know, blox fruits are the diverse elemental abilities within your Roblox game. Gamers can utilize their auras to execute an array of special tricks and attacks that are rooted in numerous elements like lightning, fire, ice, and more. 

However, Master of Auras is a recently added NPC in Update 14 that offers players the chance to purchase aura colors. These colors introduced unique color effects that overlay onto auras. These colored auras are accessible in two rarities; legendary and regular. 

Master of Auras Blox Fruits

The NPC spawns every 5 minutes and disappears after 20 minutes.

You may take this NPC aura as the Master of Enhancement until Update 18. This NPC offers Aura Tints to players, the fantastic and exclusive chromatic effects that overlay onto their auras. 

The Master of Auras stands as one of the most enigmatic figures in the universe of Roblox and Bloxors. As a formidable warrior, he has the power to manipulate auras. This ability enables him to safeguard his allies while defeating his foes. Aura hues can exclusively be uncovered in designated locations.

Blox Fruits stands as a well-liked and familiar title within the Roblox games, offering a plethora of gaming choices. The Aura universe, the diversified character of Blox, ranks among the Roblox game’s fascinating features. This NPC offers aura shades that have the potential to grant your character an attention-grabbing look. However, locating the Aura Master can pose a challenge, causing numerous players to spend a massive time finding the appropriate character in-game. 

Where to Find Master of Auras Blox Fruits?

Well, we’re going to inform you about the master of auras. It’s compulsory to justify how to locate auras in the game and where you can visit. 

Roblox Fruits players in a sprawling universe of conflicts, puzzles, and exploration. Hence, the game permits you to assemble the raid parties to confront enemies and acquire rewards. You can access the authoritative artifacts, accomplish advanced characters and even access exclusive abilities. You can imagine that the enigmatic Aura Master resides within this very world.

Spawn Locations in Second Sea for Aura Master

Finding Aura Master LOCATION IN GREEN ZONE THE first location

The presence of the Aura Master can be observed at various unique locations within the expansive world of the Second & Third Seas. 

In the Second Sea, you have the opportunity to encounter the Aura Master on several distinct islands.

Locations Stepswise – Do like Steps 1 To 6

  • Green Zone
  • Cursed Ship
  • Hot and Cold
  • Snow Island
  • Ice Castle
  • Forgotten Island

These diversified points in the Second Sea expose the heavier and more potential spawning points for the Aura Master. However, these invite you to explore the quests and uncover the mysterious Auras. 

Second location of Master of Auras

Spawn Locations in Third Sea for Aura Master

Spawn points at Third Sea are Floating Turtle, Great Tree Island, Hydra Island, Castle on the Sea, and Port Town.

How can I find the Blox Fruits Master of Auras?

The Aura Master is the initial NPC that allows the Aura Colors for purchase in the game. Thus, the Legendary Aura Colors are priced at 7,500 Fragments, and regular ones require 1,500 Fragments. Furthermore, The Aura Master respawns after every 20 minutes on various spots in both the Second and Third Seas. Here’s the list of locations from where you can acquire new Aura Colors:

third location of Master of Auras

Get Auras Master in the Second Sea

Players undergo the following phases to obtain the Aura in the Second Sea:

  • Accomplish your home spot at the Green Zone to streamline navigation between islands.
  • Initiate your journey by analyzing the Cursed Ship land adjacent to the Green Zone. Suppose you can’t get the Master of Auras; return to your home spot. 
  • Now, visit Hot and Cold Land and find the Aura Master atop the building where the Smoke Admiral is spawning. Since you cannot get it ad auras absent, sail to Forgotten Island.
  • While reaching Forgotten Island, climb up on the left side of the hills of the skull and again try to acquire the Aura Master. Still, you can’t now move back to your home point. 
  • Look at the Aura Master near the island Ship Dealers by sailing to Snow Mountain. Still not existing, navigate to the Ice Castle. 
  • Now on this Ice Castle, search for the Aura Master on the left side of the Castle wall. If not, you should consider joining a different server and going through the whole process again. 
  • Ultimately, repeat these phases repeatedly until you get the extraordinary Aura Master.
fouth location of Master of Auras
ICE Castle location of Master of Auras
Forgotten island location of Master of Auras

Get Auras Master in the Third Sea

Roblox players have the excellent opportunity to fetch the Master of Auras by applying these approaches from the Third Sea:

  • Make sure you’ve obtained the portals by unlocking them to enhance navigation. Afterward, you’re proficient in building a convenient home point.
  • Analyze the spawning site of Castle on the Sea, situated on one of the staircases in the left section of the central Castle. Suppose the Aura Master isn’t existing; explore Hydra Island. On this island, auras can be located either inside or atop the building where the Island Empress emerges. 
  • When Aura Master isn’t present on the Sea Castle or Hydra Island, you must take the portal’s assistance. These portals assist you in moving to Floating Turtle Island.
  • You can investigate the two potential spawn spots near the Musketeer Pirates on Floating Turtle Island. The main spot is at the mountain base that’s adjacent to Musketeer Pirates. Meanwhile, other rests atop the mountain beside them. 
  • Hence, you must proceed with your search for the spawn points upon the columns at the forefront of the Beautiful Pirate Domain.
  • Ultimately, move to Great Tree Island. Fetch out your Aura Master behind the mountain where the Kilo Admiral and Marine Commodore are spawning. 

Final Verdict

You can acquire the Master of Auras and enjoy your Roblox game journey. To discover Master of Auras, you should teleport to the Green Zone, climb the hills, sail to Forgotten Island, navigate Snow Mountain, explore the Cursed Ship, explore the left of the castle wall, and switch to a varying server if necessary.


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